Awards and recognition

  • 2009 National Business Awards Finalist
  • 2010 Impumelelo Top Empowerment Companies

Welcome to the Junto Group

Over the years we have been in business this ride has been a roller coaster that has kept us excited with opportunities but also nauseous with fear, we have grown and collapsed over and over while we continue to learn the game.

We have learned that in everything we loose clients and reputation should never be part of those, we continue to work harder in building ourselves and investing in our employees as they represent who we are in-front of our clients.

Our values as an organisations remain:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Team-work

We continue to strongly believe in the idea of equality and respect for all, this is the guiding belief that we continue to give back to those less fortunate than us through our Foundations and Trusts.

We hope we will keep working together or start working together in building greater organisation.


ML Moloi

Group CEO

Key Services Offered :

  • SHERQ(Safety, Health, Environmental, Risk and Quality) Consulting and Training.
  • Corporate Governance Consulting and Training.
  • Health and Diet Supplements.
  • Media (Online Radio and Television).
  • Book Publishing.
  • Aviation Training.
  • Investments.

GRC Consulting Services

GRC division focuses on Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality Management, Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Financial Services

Investments, Insurance, wealth creation and advice

Healthcare Services

Supplements, meal replacements, nutrition and skin care products

Innovative Solutions

Development of technology solutions, educational games and apps, business apps, mobile apps and web applications

Media Services

Focus in book publishing, digital radio, television and magazines

Transport Services

Aviation transportation and training, luxury and classic  chauffeur services

Our Core Services

Audits and Inspection

We conduct SHERQ inspections and audits for our clients, we also do 3rd part audit and inspections in various sectors

Consulting and Training

We conduct various training programmes ( Safety, Quality, Environmental, Risk, etc) and consult in systems management

Healthcare and Nutrition

We produce various health and nutritional supplements including brands such as “TheChampsChoice”, Skincare and libido boosters

Radio, TV, Magazines and Publishing

We are involved in digital radio, television, profession/industry magazine and publishing (Music and Books)

Innovative problem Solutions

We develop Applications to solve daily and specialised challenges, some of our solutions includes BizChamp, etc

Lifestyle rentals

Renting out of luxury products such as vintage cars, bikes, boats and top end holiday destinations

Satisfied clients

Customers of our services

  • Eskom
  • Johannesburg Water
  • National Cables (General Cables)
  • Institute of Bankers SA
  • Denel
  • Joy Global
  • South African Bank Note Company
  • Anglo American
  • Champagne Castle Hotel
  • Northwest Department of Education
  • Lekoa Mining
  • SEDA
  • Lepro Cleaning
  • Jackcliffy security
  • Bennetts Radiators
  • PBM Creations

Detailed Service Offering

GRC Services

  • System Implémentation & Maintenance (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001, etc.
  • Ensure Certification Audit readiness
  • Ensure compliance with International best practices
  • System re-engineering System management and maintenance
  • Develop a SHEQ Management System
  • Review the current policies and procedures
  • Develop SHEQ policies and procedures
  • Conduct Internal SHEQ Management System audits
  • Conduct Gap analysis audits
  • Conduct Supplier/third party audits
  • Conduct Health and Safety inspections
  • Develop Risk assessments and Safe Work procedures
  • Write Job descriptions
  • Develop emergency response procedures
  • Ensure compliance with the OHS Act.
  • Manage and control Health and Safety documentation
  • Arrange Occupational Health surveys
  • Conduct SHEQ training (Occupational health and Safety, Environmental, Quality)
  • Arrange Fire fighting equipment inspections
  • Ensure compliance with Fire fighting equipment regulations
  • Ensure compliance with Safety sign regulations
  • Ensure compliance with Hazardous chemical regulations
  • Ensure compliance with Construction regulations
  • Ensure compliance with Mine Health and Safety regulations Advise and consultancy service
  • Conduct Health and Safety Due Diligence study
  • Implement HACCP system for the Food industry
  • Do Incident investigations
  • Handle WCA claims
  • Compile legal register and Safety Files

Media Services

Television production:

  • Corporate video
  • Training video
  • Short film production
  • Event coverage
  • Equipment hire
  • Content development
  • Editing

Book publishing:

  • Editing
  • Cover designs
  • Publishing
  • Distribute
  • Online selling
  • Speakers management and booking


  • Outside Broadcasts
  • Product Placements
  • Product Activations
  • Advert Broadcasting


  • Profession Publications
  • Year-end reports
  • Industry Newsletters
  • Social Media Management

Innovative Solutions

Mobile Application Development:

  • BizChamp™ – A business information App
  • Loaned™ – State and Private funders debtors records

Web Applications

  • FlinkISO – SHEQ management system

Transport Services

Aviation Training

  • Fixed wing training
  • Drone training

Lifestyle Services

  • Luxury car rentals
  • Boat rentals
  • Bike rentals
  • Specialised holiday packages

Healthcare Services

TheChamp’s Choice Supplement

  • Muscle builders
  • Shredders
  • Pre-workout
  • Libido boosters

Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Burial club
  • Entrepreneur products